Comprar Flower Essence Post-Trauma Stabilizer™ Spray — 1 fl oz


Flower Essence Post-Trauma Stabilizer™ Spray — 1 fl oz

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Comprar Flower Essence Post-Trauma Stabilizer™ Spray — 1 fl oz – Herbs & Botanicals – Mood – Suplementos em Oferta.

Flower Essence Post-Trauma Stabilizer™ Spray Description

To Recover & Rebuild from Shock & Trauma


Primary Indications:


* For loss or disruption of any kind that creates bewilderment, numbness or shock in the body-soul complex – including amputation or debilitating injury within the physical body; loss or disruption to one’s home, community or environment


* For relief work in any natural disaster or war zone – to address prolonged levels of shock and trauma and to help victims re-build and renew; beneficial for both humans and animals


* Following any major surgery and during any sustained course of physical rehabilitation


* Following the loss of a loved one or pet, if symptoms of shock or disassociation persist; can be used in tandem or in alternation with Grief Relief


* As a supplement to drug rehabilitation, when the soul faces shattering memories or acknowledges what has been lost or damaged in one’s life


* For re-occurring violent dreams and memories of past trauma, which intrude long after other forms of healing have brought physical stabilization

The Post-Trauma Stabilizer formula features:


Arnica – Foundational for all forms of shock and trauma, helping subtle energy bodies to be re-integrated into the physical body; facilitates recovery from dissociative states following traumatic events.


Bleeding Heart – Intense grief and longing; especially for those who have died or for social connections and circumstances that have been severed due to disaster or injury; reconsolidation of the heart forces.


Echinacea – Depletion within the immune system and core identity following shattering events or injuries; helping to knit together and re-constellate the spiritual-physical individuality toward new wholeness.


Glassy Hyacinth – Recovery from profound depths of sorrow and suffering; when the soul has been pulled underground and must experience re-birth.


Green Cross Gentian – To address intense feelings of despair or defeat; when one’s relationship to community, home or body must find new connection and grounding; renewed resolve to serve, hope and give.


Fireweed – Stimulates phoenix-like forces in the soul; the ability to catalyze “alchemical ash” as the seed ground for new forces of healing and vitality.


Five-Flower Formula – Dr. Bach’s composite remedy for rescue and relief to body and soul; providing calm and stabilization during times of adversity, injury and natural disaster.


Essential Oils: Lavender, Yarrow, Hyssop


The Flourish line of twelve formulas encompasses the most fundamental body-soul healing issues facing people of all ages and lifestyles, including foundational remedies for animal care. While each formula has a specific keynote, the entire Flourish line encompasses a broad-based healing approach for those new to flower essence therapy, or for those who require basic catalysts to initiate a healing response.


The Flourish formulas are available in spray bottles (at the dosage level) for ease of application and sanitation, i.e., sharing one bottle in relief work, during times of natural disasters, in busy clinics, etc.


Spray four times daily in mouth or around body. Shake before use.

Ingredients: Water, brandy, infusions of flowers of arnica mollis, dicentra formosa, echinaccea purpurea, tritrleia lilacina, moluccella laevis, epilobium angustifolium, prunnus cerasifera, clematis vitalba, impatiens glandulifera, helianthemum nummularium, and ornithogalum umbellatum; essential oils of english lavender, yarrow, and hyssop decumbeus.