Comprar Grab Green, All Purpose Surface, Tangerine with Lemongrass, 16 oz (473 ml)


Grab Green, All Purpose Surface, Tangerine with Lemongrass, 16 oz (473 ml)

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Comprar Grab Green, All Purpose Surface, Tangerine with Lemongrass, 16 oz (473 ml) – Grab Green – Household – Lar – Limpeza – Marcas A-Z – Produtos de limpeza multiuso.

  • Removes Dirt, Grease & Grime with No Sticky Residue
  • Refreshing
  • Tangerine, Lemongrass and Bergamot
  • Biodegradable Formula
  • No Animal Testing
  • Clean On Some Love!
  • Non-Toxic Formula
  • Phosphate Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • Formaldehyde Free

Essential oils  –  A tangy blend of tangerine, grapefruit, and bergamot with touches of lush lemongrass.

Best Choice for all-around clean! Specially formulated from naturally-derived ingredients for an effective clean without harsh, smelly chemicals or known carcinogens.

Spray On: 

  • Kitchen + bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Tile + grout appliances
  • Wood furnishings
  • Car interiors
  • And More!

Word on the Street

“Brings the shine back to wood cabinets!”

“I keep a bottle on my baby’s changing table for a quick and safe clean up!”

No one likes grease, especially elbow grease! We have invested years of scientific development to include the right balance of plant and mineral based ingredients to ensure safe and effective cleaning power.

Outros Ingredientes

True Transparency – We want you to know what’s inside and why!
Naturally-derived ingredients 
Deionized water   
Sodium sesquicarbonate aids in cleaning
Sodium citrate  improves cleaning
Sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate cleans
Fragrance  essential oils along with safe man-made ingredients
Magnesium nitrate  stabilizer
Methylchloroisothiazolinone preservative
Magnesium chloride stabilizer
Methylisothiazolinone preservative


Caution: Avoid eye contact and do not drink.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not mix this product with chlorine bleach.

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