Comprar Sassy, Developmental Bath Toy, Catch 'n Count Net, 6 + Months, 4 Piece Set


Sassy, Developmental Bath Toy, Catch 'n Count Net, 6 + Months, 4 Piece Set


Comprar Sassy, Developmental Bath Toy, Catch 'n Count Net, 6 + Months, 4 Piece Set – Brinquedos – Brinquedos de Banho – Crianças & Bebês – Marcas A-Z – Sassy.

  • 12345 Identifying Numbers
  • The Wonder of Water
  • Promotes Stem Learning 
  • Numbers, Counting

Bath time can be a special time of bonding for a baby and their parents, but it can also be overwhelming. Babies’ senses are attuned to be everything around them, from a change in temperature to the introduction of a new element, water! Try making bath time a part of baby’s nightly routine, and use Sassy bath toys to show baby how gentle, warm and soothing water can be!

STEM Learning

Water play fosters learning in all areas of development; it’s open-ended and provides opportunities for a child to learn about STEM concepts at a young age. It’s the literal experience of doing, such as through water play, that supports and scaffolds young children’s developing understanding of the world. As that understanding continues to grow and become more complex, they move toward more critical thinking and more creative inventing. STEM concepts grow through children’s direct direct experience of the world, for example pouring water to see wheels spin. As children ‘mess about’ in these open-ended experiences, they have the opportunity to strengthen each area of development.Open-ended water play with cool toys allows for the experimenting with math and science concepts, strengthening physical skills, and opportunities for responsive interactions that support emotion regulation, language and relationships – that’s how creative inventors and critical thinkers are nurtured.

Baby begins to learn about:

  • Counting 
  • Sorting
  • Hand-eye coordination


Never leave a child unattended in a bathroom or bathtub without adult supervision.
Remove all packaging and fasteners before giving this toy to a child.
Always test water temperature before placing child in bath. 

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