Bio Nutrition Graviola Liquid – 4 fl oz


Bio Nutrition Graviola Liquid – 4 fl oz

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Graviola was initially found in South and Central America, and it’s been used for promoting better immune health, among other health benefits. Graviola Liquid from Bio Nutrition takes all these benefits and turns them into an easy-to-take, fast-absorbing liquid supplement you’ll love.

Graviola Liquid from Bio Nutrition was formulated with the finest graviola leaf and fruit blend for the best quality. You can take it directly by mouth or mix it into your favorite drink, and this supplement contains no gluten, yeast or artificial ingredients. You’ll have only a pure sample of graviola’s extract.

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Notas: Vegetarian. Free of gluten, yeast, corn, dairy, soy, salt, wheat, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Recomendações de uso: Take 2 ml directly by mouth or in your favorite beverage twice daily before meals or as recommended by a health care practitioner.